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imageIn my last post I looked at some Web 2.0 resources and said I would continue with some others. But as it’s holiday time I abandoned that idea and instead decided to focus on something for the holidays! Whether you are travelling far afield or staying put in Ireland this little device will make your holiday memories special. This is the Veho Muvi – the smallest video camera around.

So if you are taking your bike up and down the mountains or going for whirl on a rollercoaster clip this little camera to your jacket or handlebars – give a whoop – and it will start recording your daredevil antics! The camera has a little switch for sound activation so it will record video when it senses a sound above 20 decibels – very cool! And it comes with an optional extreme sports kit for all kinds of madness – Clip it to your snowboarding helmet or use the splash housing to go on the water with it. And the cost for this little gem? €70 or less. Check out the popular electronics websites for best value.

This is the description from the Veho website:

The Veho Muvi Mini Cam is the smallest video camera in the world featuring a high resolution 2MP camera.

Perfect for extreme sports.

The Muvi unique micro design enables digital video recording in situations where it may not be possible to use standard camcorders. Coupled with the Extreme Sports Pack the Muvi will allow the user to capture high quality digital video and sound footage hands free. With its robust thumb sized alloy metal casing you needn’t worry about your Veho Muvi. It features a 2 Megapixel lens and records in AVI format.

It’s the smallest in the world of its kind.

The Veho Muvi comes with a 2GB Micro SD Card, that’s enough for 90 mins footage and with a built in rechargeable battery life of 2-3 hours you’ll never miss a thing. Easily connects to your computer via micro USB, so you can upload your videos in seconds. It also charges through any USB giving complete portability.

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