The SENTeacher website is a long time favourite of mine for accessing quick, easy to use, adaptable printable resources in Literacy and Numeracy. With a renewed focus on Literacy and Numeracy in all our schools it is an opportune time to visit SENTeacher and take a look at what it offers busy teachers. While originally designed to provide cost free resources for teachers teaching pupils with special educational needs, mainstream teachers particularly at the junior end of the primary school will equally find many of the printable resources very relevant. The site is very clearly laid out and split into a number of sections – Maths Printables, Literacy Printables, Other Printables, Web Links, Downloads, Search Tools and Guest Book.

For maths, this site has 26 different printable resources, many of which that a teacher can customise to suit the individual, group or whole class needs to create worksheets, flash cards, game cards and manipulatives that can be used across the five strands of the primary school mathematics curriculum. For literacy, the site offers 18 different literacy resources such as handouts, classroom display cards, loop cards, dominoes and dice for playing literacy games and worksheets for teaching reading and writing. Other printables available are certificates, name label printer, behaviour chart and other resources for Science, SPHE and other subjects. From the guest page, teachers and parents who have used the site can leave feedback which has been taken on board resulting in some of the resource creation tools being updated with additional new features added in, in response to requests made and user feedback provided to the author.​

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