Seesaw is a dynamic application that is simple to use and highly effective in classroom life. It is  a program that can be accessed by each of the students in your class and used to communicate, learn, share projects and create a portfolio.

One of the key features of seesaw is its simple interface and easy to use tools. Students can take pictures of their work upload them and comment on them using the simple interface and features of the program.

The easy capture/easy comment element of Seesaw makes project work very easy to collect. Before long, students will have an online portfolio of all of their favourite art work, projects and stories. Students get excited to choose from Seesaw’s creative tools. They express themselves, reflect on their learning and create a portfolio they’re proud to show others.


Seesaw is not just a portfolio application, it comes jam-packed with teacher ready activities and designs that are easy to use in the classroom.  This saves on preparation time and allows teachers to quickly and easily assign tasks.

Seesaw is a great application for bridging the barriers between home and school. Teachers can permit access to parents and control comments and posts so that parents can see what their children’s work without ever having to send home reams of paper or projects. The seesaw application works on any device, I have used it on an Ipad in my class for students to quickly post pictures of their art and tag themselves in it. The class log is restricted to our students so that they can each log in and see what their classmates have done in a safe environment.

The scope for this application is very wide and it has been used in many different ways throughout classrooms the videos below demonstrate some of these examples. For more information on Seesaw go to

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