clip_image001Last week was Science Week in Ireland and I decided to try out another Twitter project for schools. For those of you who may have missed the previous Twitter projects that I did with Irish primary schools, the idea behind them was to investigate whether Twitter could be used to support the Primary School Curriculum here. Our first Twitter project focused on Geography – my local area and the second focused on Visual Arts – The most expensive painting in the World.

In line with Science Week’s theme, My Place in Space, the plan this time was to investigate whether schools could share their work for Science Week in their area through a series of tweets, images and videos.

This time we decided to include secondary schools into the loop as I felt it may start some interesting conversations between the two sectors and it might show the some of the similar sorts of work we both do in Science albeit at different levels.

All participating schools had to use the hashtag in their tweets in order to get noticed and we were delighted that the official Science Week people were pleased to back us along with their own hashtag #scienceweek.

Altogether, well over 30 different users participated with 124 different tweets posted.  You can read further articles on examples of the week’s work on my blog, (for a few more weeks) or permanently on my web site

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