RTE Meteorologist Checks Out Our Raspberry Pi Weather Station

Our journey with the Raspberry Pi weather station for schools has been well documented. To wrap up and celebrate our project we managed to organise a visit from Gerry Murphy, RTE meteorologist.

He came into our school on the 19th of June 2017 to see the 6th class project work and to see the school’s Raspberry Pi Weather station. He had never heard of The Raspberry Pi Weather Station for Schools so was very interested in seeing it in action and the research and work that it has inspired.

Our 6th class students made an information board about the weather station and other project work. It contained general information about the greenhouse effect, cloud formation, weather balloons and lots more. They also focused on the specific weather station sensors and database.

The students had lots of questions for Gerry Murphy. They asked him what sort of equations do meteorologists use to predict the weather, what does it take to become a meteorologist, why does he like Liverpool and why does he eat two raw eggs a day!

After the presentation, we brought Gerry up to our weather station where we showed him exactly where it was located and how it worked. He suggested what the best position to put it in would be and highlighted how important it is to know what exact units the weather station is using to record the data. He also explained how to properly read the wind direction data.

One of the parents who helped with the initial stages of the project came in to explain to Gerry how the weather station was put together. He told the children about that programming the sensors was extremely difficult but there is a good life lesson to be learned there – never give up and to learn and grow from challenging experiences.

It was lovely to have Gerry Murphy visit to observe and chat to our students and to see at first hand all the wonderful work that the Raspberry Pi Weather Station has inspired.

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