Redesigning Education: Meeting the Challenges of the 21st Century

clip_image002This booklet was released at the recent Microsoft Educational Summit in the Aviva Stadium. The document explores the literature around how children learn today before going on to explore the changing workplace that they will enter in the coming years. Having established that the workplaces of today and tomorrow require a unique set of skills the paper goes on to discuss what learning should look like in today’s 21st century learning environments. The paper closes with some examples of what these learning environments could look like and showcases a number of projects from Ireland and beyond.


The paper draws from international research in the area of teaching, learning and assessment and makes the case that any discussion on redesigning educational systems should include digital technology. It acknowledges the government’s plans to introduce reform at both Junior and Senior Cycle but notes that all too often such discussions do not adequately consider the possibilities provided by technology. It is often included as an add-on or not at all.

Ultimately the authors hope that the paper will initiate a discussion that includes digital technologies more centrally in any future plans to redesign teaching, learning and assessment approaches in our schools. It also calls for a wider discussion and debate about this issue as it has long-term implications for our education system.

Download the paper (PDF)

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