Raspberry Pi Weather Station for Schools

Our school has, very fortunately, managed to acquire a Raspberry Pi Weather Station. This weather station is a HAT for the Raspberry Pi which enables the collection of weather data, using a variety of sensors which include a rain gauge, an anemometer, a wind vane and a soil temperature probe. It’s designed for use in schools to enable students to create their own weather station, and has a range of resources to support its use. wind_vaneIt provides kids with an ideal opportunity to participate in a cross-curricular computing and science project.
As well as logging data locally, schools that received a free weather station can log their data in a central Oracle database, so they can share and collaborate with schools around the world.

Since the return of the academic year we have excitedly set aside a couple of sessions to look at getting this kit up and running, even roping a couple of parents to come in and give us a hand. In fact, we’re encouraging them to lead the way! anemometer

So far we have just completed the first step and assembled the weather station control unit, simply following the clearly laid out and well illustrated instructions.

The original intention was to set up the software and test the kit earlier this afternoon. However, school broadband issues scuppered our plans (sound familiar?!). We will be continuing our endeavours on a weekly basis and I will promptly return with an update on the progress.

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