Power-up for TECH_WEEK 2019

TECH_WEEK, Ireland’s nationwide annual festival of technology runs from May 11th – 18th. Aimed at students, parents and the general public, Tech Week is made up of a range of classroom and community activities happening in libraries, schools, community centres and many other locations.  Activities provide hands-on opportunities to learn about how computing and related technology are shaping every area of life: education, health, environment, social interaction, leisure, citizenship…the list never ends and the pace of change never stops.

Organised by the ICS Foundation and supported by Science Foundation Ireland and Amazon Web Services, Tech Week has two key objectives…

Objective #1 is to inspire students to engage actively with STEM subjects, and equip them with the knowledge and experience necessary to make informed choices about their future subject and career choices.
Objective #2 is to educate all citizens – of every age group and background – about the challenges and rewards of our fast-changing technological society.

It is expected that circa 100,000 students will take part in a range of activities across the country (Details of the 2019 programme unveiling shortly on techweek.ie) and both the National Bebras Final and the National Scratch Final will culminate during Tech Week.

How to get involved?

Why not organise your own school technology-related event and share it on techweek.ie?
Need some help along the way?
Check out Tech Week’s Resources section, where you’ll find everything you need to get you and your students involved. These include ideas for fun classroom activities covering a wide range of ages and ability levels at both Primary  and Secondary.


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