Over the last few weeks, there have been lots of new additions to Microsoft apps and some Windows features. For this post, I am going to focus on a simple and welcome feature, which is the ability to now embed and move through a slide show within OneNote.

Over the years I have introduced many educators and students to the powerful functionality of OneNote but I have often been asked can PowerPoint files be presented from within OneNote. At the time I suggested either including a link, an attachment or a printout of the PowerPoint file but now I can give the answer they were really hoping for; Yes you can!

There is now an option when inserting a PowerPoint file to Upload to OneDrive and insert link. This option will also save on storage space the notebook uses which is an important factor to consider if students are syncing OneNote notebooks on their own devices.

Check out my quick video below to see how! I embed a PowerPoint file I sourced from www.TES.com.


Of course, you can embed lots of other applications in OneNote such as GeoGebra files, Forms, Word documents, etc. For a full list of sites and services that can be embedded in OneNote visit this link. Other newer embeddable are

1) PhET—the popular interactive simulation application

2) Coggle.it— for mind maps and flowcharts

Read more about these tools here.



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