OneNote for Teachers Two-Day Course

H2 Learning are running a two-day OneNote course on the 22nd and 23rd of June. The workshop style course will take place in Dublin West Education Centre. Beginners to intermediate users are welcome and all should bring their own laptop and/or tablet device. OneNote can be downloaded for free beforehand by visiting . Contact details are in the flyer below.

OneNote Summer Course

Why use OneNote?

OneNote offers a wealth of functionality for teaching, learning and assessment. OneNote can be easily integrated across schools and into classes to elevate the education of students through presentation, organization, and real-time collaboration with both students and other educators.

Notebooks are organised into sections with corresponding pages like the traditional ring binder, except now it is stored in the cloud, OneDrive. As any additions to a notebook are synced with all students or colleagues who have permission to access the notebook, no one is left behind and the material is readily accessible anywhere, anytime to everyone on their own devices. In fact, if students do not have an internet connection at home, they can still access all the material in a notebook as long as it synced to their device before going home.

Through OneNote teachers can create or add the class notes, distribute resources, collect homework or project work, give written or audio feedback to individual students, and much much more . Once added to the notebook these are automatically shared; no need to upload at the end of class. It’s functionality includes:

Annotating on a image or PDF and using the draw tools in OneNote
Annotating on a image or PDF and using the draw tools in OneNote

– organising material into sections, sub-sections and pages

-attaching files for easy access and organisation

– inserting worksheets and other file types to be annotated on

-inserting video and adding audio recordings

– inserting mathematical formulas and also adding the Mathematics add-in to allow solving and graphing

– draw tools for users with certain touch devices

Screenshot (106)

OneNote is also an amazing tool for departments to use amongst themselves. When teaching a shared curriculum, OneNote allows teachers to collaborate on lesson plans and assignments, put together reviews, resources and tests. Any updates or edits to a page in a notebook can be easily tracked so the entire department is up-to-date all the time.


Subject Department Plan in OneNote
Subject Department Plan in OneNote


OneNote is such a dynamic and user friendly tool, teachers are finding they now have the necessary functionality to deliver 21st century content all combined in the one package.  This two-day course will equip attendees with a great foundation to enhance their current teaching material and inspire new ways to interact with colleagues and students.


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