I have previously outlined the benefits of One Note to enhance teaching and learning from the teachers point of view, but what functions can truly benefit our students learning?

Here are a couple of ways One Note can be used by students to enhance their learning & make it accessible to all learners:

Immersive Reader

Immersive reader is an excellent tool for students who find it difficult to read large bodies of text or are learning a new language. Immersive reader can be found in the “View” tab in the left top corner on One Note.

Immersive Reader allows the student to identify verbs, nouns & adjectives within the text by highlighting it in different colours. It can read the text aloud to students in their preferred speed and allows them to choose between a male or female voice. Students can also change the colour of the background to their liking.  

Immersive Reader


The replay button can also be found in the “View” tab in the top right corner of One Note. This tool gives students the option to replay the digital inking their teacher has completed at a previous time.

As a maths teacher this is one of my favourite tools as it allows my students to revise the steps taken in class to assist them in their homework or their own revision.

It also allows students to work at their own pace and access class work they may have missed. Students can highlight the parts they want to replay and can pause or fast forward.


I have recently begun using this function, thanks to a recommendation from a colleague. Tags allow the teacher to flag important sections of a notebook page. I have started using it to flag important definitions for students. You can create your own tags and choose your own icon to use. The student can then use the search tool to locate all definitions that have been tagged within a notebook. This saves times for students as they can search all sections of a notebook at once.  
This is an excellent tool for revision for students.

Searching Tags

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