CESI: 50 Years and Growing

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The 2023 annual conference of the Computers in Education Society of Ireland will take place on Saturday 11th March. They will be celebrating their Golden Jubilee, all under the theme of “50 Years and Growing. The conference will take place in ATU Galway City. The CESI Conference has long been the calendar highlight for Irish educators interested in digital learning and this years event promises to be another must-see. The CESI network spans across all sectors and subject areas in a unique way, and all those interested in teaching with technology will find something for them at #cesicon.

Its membership includes teachers from ALL LEVELS and from a wide range of disciplines…. CESI is not exclusively a subject association, yet it provides all the services of such a body…. Nor is CESI merely a pressure group, although it exerts considerable influence on the relevant authorities…. In summary CESI is about people with ideas about computers in education.
A quote describing CESI from the early 1980s

It has been 50 years since the early pioneers met in Galway to form CESI and as a result, they dramatically changed the use of educational technology in Irish schools. As we look back on this remarkable achievement, it is important to recognize the incredible progress that has been made in the field of educational technology since that time and CESI’s role in leading from the classroom.

Malcolm McLuhan once made the comment “We look at the present through a rear-view mirror. We march backwards into the future.” Our futures are always experienced and frequently determined by a past that few of us fully acknowledge or understand at the time. As we look to the present, where students enter classrooms with AI-enabled devices that would be seen as science fiction in 1973, whatever the future educational technology may look like, we will still have CESI carrying the flag in the vanguard.

Registration, tickets, and accommodation information are now available on the CESI site. The draft programme will be published shortly.

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