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In February of this year (2016) I wrote about the Lego WeDo robot based learning system for Primary schools. The system includes the ever familiar Lego brick, some absolutely amazing software and a wide range of projects designed to teach scientific skills.sbrick2 Recently I came across a piece of technology that is completely compatible with the Lego system. The “SBrick” is an RC Receiver; it connects to a mobile phone or tablet and gives full control of any Lego motor or power functions. When you are building any Lego creation, the SBrick is inserted between the motor and the battery pack. The “Next Generation RC Mobile App” is available for iOs and Android devices; it controls the SBrick via Bluetooth.


When the app is opened it automatically scans for an SBrick. The app also allows the user to connect and share with the wider SBrick community. This YouTube video will give you a taste of the SBrick in action.
sbrickplusSBrick got its funding from a Kickstarter initiative and recently the company went back again to Kickstarter to raise funding for the SBrick Plus.
The SBrick Plus is due to be delivered to Kickstarter backers later this month. This new brick is fully programmable using several different computer languages such as Scratch, Apple Swift Playgrounds, C++, Python and JavaScript. The brick will connect to Smartphones, Tablets, PC’s, laptops and Raspberry Pi 3’s. The company intends to release lesson plans and related activities for schools in February 2017 based on Scratch and Swift Playgrounds.
model1 model2 model3The sample Lego models shown on the company website show the numerous possibilities and the promotional video is very appealing.
Teachers who are interested in any STEM related projects will be drawn to activities that incorporate the SBrick Plus. I’m actively involved in promoting Scratch and I can see how pupils would enjoy working and experimenting with both Scratch, Lego and SBrick Plus.


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