As a teacher in the world of 21st Century Learning, we all know that our to-do lists are as full as the day is long. Never ending lists of reminders to keep us on top of the heavy demands of school life. Over the last few months I have been using the Microsoft To Do app on both my device and my phone, and it has been revolutionary for my Type A personality.

The application itself is user friendly, with a welcoming home page and is easy to navigate. The ‘My Day’ list will help to keep you on track with your day to day lists, and will allow you to make them time sensitive with reminders to keep you in check.

One of my favourite functions on the app is the ‘Flagged email’ function. As your Microsoft suite of tools is all connected, To Do will link with your emails, meaning that whenever you flag an email, the email reminder will populate in your app. This has been extremely helpful for me when managing my email. We all know as teachers and school staff, that keeping on top of emails and tasks can be difficult, but having this function means you will never forget to reply to an important email, or complete a Form sent by you Senior Leadership Team.

Overall, this app has been transformative for managing my time and tasks from day to day. I cannot recommend it enough! If you are looking for a more in depth guide on how to use this app, I have posted a video below.

How to Use Microsoft To-Do in 2023 – YouTube

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