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The class of 2030 and life-ready learning: The technology imperative

The future of learning is here. As schools and educators consider how to approach the rapidly changing realities of education, new research suggests children starting school today will graduate better prepared for their futures if they have a strong social and emotional foundation, developed in a personalised learning environment.

Microsoft launched a thought provoking piece of research: “The class of 2030 and life-ready learning: The technology imperative.” This research looks to answer many key questions, amongst them, “How can technology empower the Class of 2030 and support students on their educational journey?”

Modern learning experience design should center attention
on the needs of students; approaching learning as a fluid,
holistic, seamless set of experiences. Modern learning
experience designs include inquiry-based learning,
project-based learning, challenge-based learning,
phenomenon-based learning, and personalized learning.

Dr. Cathy Cavanaugh
Catholic Education of Western Australia (CEWA)

To find out more and request the full report check out the blog post below

How can technology empower the Class of 2030? | Microsoft EDU

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