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MEN logoThe Microsoft Educator Network has an ever-growing list of free resources and, at the start of a new academic school year, there’s nothing like having a collection of powerful educational tools gathered into one convenient online space.
icon Math Worksheet Generator is one of the many free downloads in the Educator Network and it is a great resource to have installed on a class desktop PC or laptop. Installation after downloading is straightforward and fast.
mathgeninstall Although the program itself takes up a very small footprint on the screen, it produces a wide variety of worksheets that can cater to the needs of pupils in both Primary and Post Primary classes.
Creating a worksheet is an extremely easy task and the worksheet contents are exported automatically to Microsoft Word which needs to available on the PC or laptop being used with Math Worksheet Generator. Worksheets can be generated in one of three ways; by typing your own starter question into the content box, by choosing from a sample list of worksheets or by choosing a recently created worksheet.
generatorstart create1 create2
You can choose to create from 1 to 100 problems on a sheet; you only need to create 1 sample question and once you click on the “Create” button the program generates the required number of randomised questions and exports them to Microsoft Word.
A second page is also exported to Microsoft Word containing the answers to all of the generated questions.
There is a comprehensive and impressive “Help” function available in Math Worksheet Generator that includes topics such as “How to enter Mixed Numbers”, Negative Numbers and a host of other maths functions.
To create a worksheet with multiple types of problems you simply need to create each individual type, export in MS Word and then copy and paste the different problem sets into one single document.
If you have access to a Tablet PC running Windows 7 or later you can use hand writing to create an expression using the Maths Input Panel and Math Worksheet Generator will automatically display the appropriate characters.
Of course the MS Word doc file can also be placed on an IWB and used as part of a Station Teaching lesson or as part of a whole class activity.

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