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Maths + OneNote = Teacher2 

Users of the OneNote app for Windows 10 will be overjoyed at the recently introduced feature called Ink math assistant (IMA). Mathematicians everywhere will be delighted with this powerful tool which can solve equations input by keyboard or stylus.

Ink Math assistant will allow the conversion of stylus input equations to typed editable text. This can be of great benefit to teachers who prefer the stylus as a natural input method but acknowledge that students would benefit from clear and visible typed text.

Where is it?
Ink math assistant lives in the Draw Tab in OneNote.

How to do it?

Type or write your equation, select it with a lasso select or otherwise, tap the Maths button and the rest is magic!

OneNote allows teachers to select the content that they have input and change pen type, colours and styles.

The choice of colours that a teacher uses during the lesson can greatly improve a student’s ability to access the content by drawing their attention to certain aspects of the problem and create focal points.

This can allow a student to follow the solution as it progresses by seamlessly linking the content step by step
Ink Math assistant allows the teacher to display the answer to a problem immediately.

IMA also allows the teacher to show students a step by step solution for many problems in a time efficient and clear manner. This will be invaluable for students when the class has ended as it can be a great support mechanism to keep them in the game. As you can see below IMA shows steps for Completing the Square and the Quadratic Formula.

Time is precious in a lesson and OneNote now allows teachers and students to see maths problems visualised.

In this instance being able to show multiple slightly varied versions of a maths problem and the solution instantly can be very powerful during a lesson. Students gain a deep understanding of how the variables interact in a Math problem by seeing many different solutions and an even more powerful understanding by seeing the problem solved graphically/visualised

Being able to see instantly how changing one variable will alter how an equation looks graphically is very powerful for students to promote deeper understanding of the topic being investigated. Due to time limitations during the lesson, teachers would not have been able to do this and students would often have to wait until the next lesson to see what would happen.

Additional features

Ink math assistant can display a wide range of important information when tackling a math problem and investigating a mathematical problem visually.

The range of features on offer is quite impressive. Having all this customisation at your fingertips within OneNote is a huge step forward

The Ink math assistant is a powerful tool in the classroom and an invaluable addon to OneNote. Freeing up precious time to allow deeper discovery of all aspects of Math education.

IMA can solve all types of equations

Ink math assistant can be used in many ways in many different scenarios.

How will you use it?

Can you think of more #Onederful ways to use Ink Math Assistant

Make sure to check out the videos below see Ink Math Assistant in action.



Watch out for more in-depth TeachNet blog posts on OneNote in the classroom, early 2018…


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