Lego WeDo 2.0

Lego logoLego recently launched WeDo 2.0, a robot based learning system designed for Primary schools.  The system includes the ever familiar Lego brick, some absolutely amazing software and a wide range of projects designed to teach scientific skills. WeDo
WeDo 2.0 is intrinsically linked to the U.S STEM core curriculum standards but that shouldn’t deter Irish Primary teachers from delving into WeDo 2.0. Lego provide teachers and their students with icon based software and anyone familiar with Scratch Jnr or Hopscotch for the iPad will be well ahead of the learning curve.  The software is colour coded and in drag and drop format. Teachers who participated in the Empowering Minds Project from St. Patrick’s College that was based around the Lego Mindstorms material would probably find WeDo 2.0 extremely interesting.Software screenshot
There are 12 cross-curricular activities for pupils to engage with where they build working Lego models, connect them to a computer to use the software to control the model’s behaviour.
The Lego WeDo Classroom packs include the construction sets and software; each set is designed to be shared by two students and every effort has been made to ensure that WeDo appeals equally to both girls and boys.use4
Each set contains gears, axles and pulleys, rope, elastic bands, Mia and Max (mini figures), WeDo USB hub to connect to a PC, a motor, a tilt sensor and a motion sensor.Lego figures
A separate  extra, WeDo Resource set, provides additional building resources.
The curriculum pack of 12 activities covers four themes, Amazing Mechanisms, Wild Animals, Play Soccer and Adventure Stories. Activities screenshot

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