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clip_image001Younger learners are sometimes forgotten as I look at ideas for this blog.
With this in mind I have two web resources that should appeal to pupils in Junior classes.
Moshi Monster is an adopt a “monster” concept.

Pupils get to choose their own monster from a selection of six cute critters.
Then they are able to create a colour scheme for their new monster.
clip_image002Monsters make new friends, play games and develop personalities as they grow.
The basic Moshi is free; however membership is required to access “premium” features. “Adoption papers” for a Moshi require an email address.
Some basic ICT skills coupled with some screen shots copied and pasted into a word processor could lead to some interesting and creative Language lessons.

Shidonni is a similar concept; however instead of monsters, children can create their own animals.
Shidonni should appeal to many teachers as the site also includes a set of Lesson plans.

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