Fly through Microsoft Forms with Copilot

We recently received a CPD session on the use of Microsoft’s AI tool Copilot. Although AI can still cause some confusion and worry for teachers, I think with this new Microsoft tool, teachers can use it to conserve planning time, and also to be creative in their activities and resources! One of the really handy tips I picked up from this session was using Copilot alongside a website to create a Microsoft form.

I recently used this tool to create a Form for my 5th year students when reading a review of our studied text ‘Sive’ by John B. Keane. The preparation for this activity could have taken a very long time as I would have had to pick questions from the article, come up with multiple choices for each answer, never mind just typing it all out!

Firstly, I opened my Microsoft Edge browser and looked up the article that I wanted the students to read. I then opened up Copilot in the top right hand corner of the browser, asked it to create a list of ten questions based on the article, and then sat back while it created them in front of me! All of the content is editable, so if you ever felt the need to alter the phrasing or questions, its easy to do.

Once these questions had been prepared I then asked Copilot to turn them into multiple choice, so as to make the Form self correcting and quick to assess for students. This can then be copied and transferred to a Word document. Be sure to cut any of the non-content related script.

Once the file is ready, it can be saved, meaning it can be uploaded to Forms using the ‘quick import’ option. Here you simply select the file you would like to upload, and Forms will convert the document into a multiple choice form.

I also asked Copilot to provide the answers for the multiple choice quiz, which meant I could make it self-correcting. This cuts down massively on correction time, and gives the students an immediate result.

Overall, this tool has been so helpful when creating in class resources and activities, while also allowing me to easily assess a students understanding of a text. I definitely recommend giving it a go!

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