Digital Storytelling Podcast – Interview with Jason Ohler

Interview with digital storytelling guru Jason Ohler – jasonohler.comDownload MP3

In this podcast TeachNet’s John Hurley speaks with Jason Ohler on the topic of digital storytelling.  Jason prefers the term new media narrative and stresses the need for students to be able “to write what you can read”, particularly in a digital world.  Jason stresses the need for teachers to have fun with their students when creating and digital storytelling and stresses that the role of the teacher is not as a “tech magician”.  Teachers have a key role to play in helping young people create good stories by providing critical feedback and urges the need to avoid giving an “A for anything that moves”.  Jason provides good practical advice on the process of creating good stories by using tools such as the “Visual Portrait Tool” so that young people create interesting stories.  Be sure to check out Jason’s website,, where you will find a wealth of interesting resources that will assist you in your classroom.

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