Interactive Whiteboards

Interview with Simon Lewis, Principal, Carlow Educate Together Primary School




In the light of the recent Government announcement of funding for ‘Smart Schools’ , Michael Hallissy speaks with Simon Lewis principal and Blogger at, on the phenomenal  popularity of Interactive Whiteboards in primary schools and his extensive experience and recommendations in the area.


Of course the grants currently being issued will essentially fund the purchase of a fixed digital projector and teaching computer equipped with a wireless keyboard and mouse for each classroom and as John O’Mahony pointed out in a previous blog post on the subject ‘This equipment is to be considered as baseline equipment for every classroom in the school and only in cases where such baseline equipment is in place in each classroom can schools opt to spend the funding on other approved equipment such as laptop trolleys, visualisers, interactive whiteboards etc’. However in reality, many primary schools are more interested in buying IWBs rather than projectors and laptops and will be trying to figure ways this funding can be used for for this purpose.


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