Implementing ICT Change Podcast – Interview with Anne McMorrough

How one school achieved ICT Integration – Interview with Anne McMorrough of St. Martin de Porres NS – Download MP3

Earlier this week we posted some research by Judith Harris on the challenges facing schools in relation to ICT Integration.

Now you have an opportunity to listen to how one Dublin primary school started out on the journey to integrate ICT into the fabric of the school.  Ann McMurrough, class teacher in St. Martin de Porres NS, Aylesbury, Tallaght speaks with TeachNet’s Pat Brennan about the process of change the school underwent. Anne explains how technology use moved away from the computer room to the classroom by engaging in project-based learning and how the school’s involvement in eTwinning was a major catalyst on this journey.  She also details how the school currently uses technology, such as IWBs, scopes out their future plans and shares her top tips for other schools interested in embarking on a similar journey.

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