Getting started with Book Creator

Book Creator offers users the opportunity to create simple digital books online. 

By their very nature, the task of creating digital books is often one that students derive a lot of satisfaction and enjoyment from. BookCreator is suitable for use in many subject areas. Some ideas may be for students to create recipe books, comic books, portfolios, simple stories or even instruction manuals. This is an incredibly useful addition to the classroom and is an engaging educational experience for learners.

The platform is incredibly user-friendly. Teachers can create a “class library” where each student “book” is located. Teachers can use this “class library” to access and view student work. The ability for teachers to view student work while students are working can certainly maintain the focus of students. 

As well as writing pieces, users can also select an engaging background or theme from a variety available. Users can also add photos, video or audio to their work.

BookCreator runs on all devices using the Chrome web browser. BookCreator can also be used in many different languages. Students can write in the target language, have their book read to them or even record their own voice speaking in the language. Users with visual impairments can orally narrate their book. Students can also have their book narrated to them through the site.

Creating these digital books is an enjoyable learning experience for students, offering opportunities for pair work and self-reflection. The digital books can be published in eBook form or printed.

Finally, BookCreator also supports students with additional educational needs. Users can vary the content in their books by choosing to add photos, use the pen or add text. 

The platform offers free and paid options to teachers. The free option allows teachers to create three libraries, storing up to sixty books. This should suffice for most teachers, although paid subscriptions allow users to collaborate and also have more space. Many examples of books are online and can be viewed below.

Happy book creating!

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