clip_image001clip_image002Firefly is a simple web-browser for children that has a number of interesting safety features.
First of all the browser by default opens at the website.
This is a portal website specially designed for younger children. The site currently has 4 categories of links, Research, Homework Help, Arts & Crafts and Games & Fun. All of the web links from these categories have been vetted for their appropriate age-related content.
Next, the browser can only be directed to other web sites outside of the portal site if the URL has been added by a parent.
Another great feature is that while Firefly uses Google to perform searches, the results are filtered to remove inappropriate content and the results can only be accessed by an adult using a password.
Finally the browser has a time-management feature so that parents can set time limits to surfing the web.
It is fairly straight forward to install and from what I can see from using it for several days it lives up to its billing!
It is currently in beta release. Firefly can be downloaded from here.

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