Fidget Spinning

My return to school had been a relatively smooth and tranquil one until I had my first stint on yard duty. Here, I was quickly reminded that the fidget spinning craze is still alive and well. I had convinced myself that, surely at this stage, it had met the same end as loom bands, dabbing, Pokémon Go and bottle flipping. Obviously, I was wrong. However, instead of letting this revelation get the better of me and insisting that school management finally put an end to it with an outright whole school ban, I decided that I was going to embrace this enduring phenomena and I returned to my desk after lunch and proceeded to buy a set of 30 fidget spinners!

My initial brainchild was to use these gadgets as part of Science for Fun, where we invite parents into the school to participate in experiments with our students. The idea was to use them to promote the teaching of the scientific method. As usual, I had a little look online to see if there were any resources available. One of my go-to sites is Cathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything and surely enough she duly obliged with a blog entitled Using fidget spinners to target literacies . I particularly liked the Fidget STEM challenge and will use a similar approach in our Science for Fun activity.

The plan is to completely run with this theme now for the first term, with the hope we can get it all out of our systems! I’m hoping to have our 3rd class pupils use the MS Paint to design their own fidgets (I’ve some nostalgia for MS Paint at the moment after we nearly lost arguably Microsoft’s greatest ever program. Thankfully after an outpouring of love, during the summer, it seems it’s here to stay!) I think it would be a stern challenge for our more senior classes to perhaps do something similar, except use Scratch to design some digital spinners – there seems to be one or two very basic Scratch fidget creators for beginners to code or of course, it’s always fun to challenge the students to create their own, from scratch!

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