European Showcase School leaders Summit

This weekend school leaders and educators from all over Europe got together to share ideas, listen to inspirational stories and discuss best practice all with the aim of enhancing teaching and learning. It started on World Teachers Day to celebrate innovative school leaders and educators across Europe and was a truly spectacular and unforgettable experience.



The three day event was hosted in #OneMicrosoftPlace and began with a Plenary Session which included thought provoking presentations by Minister of State for Higher Education Mary Mitchell O’Connor and Managing Director of Microsoft Ireland Cathriona Hallahan. The presentations highlighted the importance of technology on the learning experience to enable knowledge construction and the role of technology in CPD.








The event provided a separate tailored experience for both educators and school leaders called the Leader Track and the Educator Track. The jobs of tomorrow do not exist today and the focus was on building capacity and helping students develop the skills necessary for the jobs of tomorrow and aimed to help educators and leaders to prepare for this task.

The event included Hacking STEM, Minecraft Education Edition, Lego in Education, 21st Century skills and the role of Data and AI in Education. There was a variety of structured presentations on show whereby school leaders and educators shared best practice on a range of topics.

Irish MIE Experts engaged with visitors to share best practice on a range of topics in a TeachMeet. Educators and leaders engaged with hands on exercises involving Hacking STEM, Minecraft and Lego. Leaders embarked upon an educational field trip to Dublin City University (DCU) to experience the Lego Education Innovation Studio and Minecraft Experience Space.












Stay tuned for the next blog post where we will explore in more detail the #Onederful and unforgettable three day event.



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