Digital Empowerment Week

There is certainly a great deal of interest at the moment around the role of digital technologies in all sectors of education and training. One sector that is very active at present in exploring how digital technologies can enhance teaching and learning is Further Education and Training.

Many ETBs are reviewing their use of digital technologies to support teaching, learning and assessment activities across their programmes and services. Many are reviewing their current practice with a view to developing new TEL strategies to guide their ETB on the use of digital technologies over the next 3 years.

The following week-long event, Digital Empowerment Week, may be of interest to those in the sector. There are a series of webinars taking place throughout the week on topics such as:

  • Think Instagram, not Kodak
  • A digital vision for FE
  • Go digital – The Class of 2018: recruiting the digitally empowered learner
  • The future of Teaching, Learning & Assessment: embracing digital by default
  • Go digital – delivering the vision for student experience
  • Go digital – for the strategic leadership of quality and aligning the whole organisation to quality improvement

Each session is an hour long and it is free to attend. The topics seem interesting and it could provide some further food for thought for those in the FET sector in relation to Technology-enhanced Learning.

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