DabbledooMusic in the classroom

DabbledooMusic is a music resource that offers a wonderful range of activities and resources to teachers of all musical abilities. Wheter you are a highly confident singer or an inexperienced musician, DabbledooMusic can greatly help you when it comes to teaching music. DabbledooMusic is an interactive online resource that is easily accessible and comes jam-packed with ideas, lesson plans, fun activities and resources to suit all teachers and classes. The website, resources and courses are designed and delivered in a user friendly and easy layout that gives even the shyest of teachers a confidence in teaching music. The lessons range from junior infants to sixth class and are linked closely to music curriculum. The students find them highly engaging and fun.

How it works?

The Website https://dabbledoomusic.com/ provides teachers with free and paid courses on teaching music. The free trial feature is very easy to sign up to and allows teachers to gain an insight into some of the lessons available for different grades over a 6 week period. Throughout this period teachers can access online lesson plans, resources and schemes. After six weeks of a trial period teachers can choose to upgrade to a subscription for a fee.


All of this comes with the free trial


An example of some of the courses available


The Resources:

One example of the clever and colorful resources available on DabbledooMusic is the Front door resource. This game allows students to gain an understanding of different instrument sounds, tones, timbre and volume while learning basic notation and patterns in music.

The front door resource on DabbledooMusic

CPD Workshops:

The DabledooMusic program also provides workshops where the experienced tutors come into schools and give teachers an insight into how to use the program effectively. Check out more of the resources and offers available from DabbleDooMusic at https://dabbledoomusic.com/


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