Clicker Comes to Tablets

Many teachers of junior primary classes, learning support and resource teachers and indeed other SEN teachers will have familiarity with Clicker 5 and 6 on the PC and Mac platforms. The good news is that Clicker has come to tablets also with the Clicker Docs app for IOS – (€25.99) available for purchase on the iTunes app store.

Clicker Docs is a child friendly primary school wordprocessor for the iPad. It requires IOS 6, so an iPad 2 or better is required to run the app. It offers pupils a word prediction facility that will encourage pupils to be more adventurous in their use of vocabulary when writing. It also helps pupils in being more productive with their writing by reducing the effort and struggle with getting their ideas on paper. It features a lower case keyboard and provides speech feedback as they write which will help with correcting errors. Like the full Clicker 6 suite for the PC and Mac, the Clicker Docs app has a word bank facility which teachers can use for creating topic or subject based word banks to support writers. Word banks have full speech support so that pupils can hear a word before choosing it. Simply tapping on the relevant word in a word bank will insert it into the wordprocessor.

Crick realise that in may classrooms iPad tablets may be timetabled and not accessible to teachers and pupils at all times, so they have made sure that work started on the iPad app is transferable to Clicker 6 on your PC or Mac.

More information on Clicker Docs can be found on:


Screenr Screencast – by Brian S. Friedlander

The Publisher –  Crick Software have a Clicker Apps home page where information on Clicker Docs  and another app for younger pupils Clicker Sentences can be found on the Crick website.

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