Cartoon Story Maker 1.1


Cartoon Story Maker 1.1 is a lovely piece of free software used to create 2D cartoons. Children can import an unlimited number of ready made backgrounds called frames or use their own e.g. the school, the yard.  The cartoons/stories are great to encourage children’s language skills. They can be used for any target language. Children can also record their voices for a more interactive cartoon. They can add speech bubbles and have range of characters to choose from the image library including real pictures of themselves (insert as foreground image). It can also be used on the IWB for whole class lessons or small group lessons. My class are really enjoying it and are currently making cartoons which will be printed off and put into a scrap book.  Many of the children have downloaded it at home also and are using it. The stories can be saved as a html page.

It can be downloaded from the website “languages online”

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