Blended Learning – Now a real consideration for many educators

Blended Learning is gaining traction in many educational sectors. The OECD recent publication, Teachers as Designers of Learning Environments, includes blended learning as one of a number of innovative pedagogies. There is a growing interest in designing learning experiences where there is a mix of online and face-to-face learning. The following video provides a nice overview of what blended learning can look like.

However, there is no one blend and every organisation will typically create their own blend.  A recent EU project, Blend4VET, which focuses on supporting the Further Education and Training sector to design and implement blended learning experiences for their learners.

The site contains a set of case-studies that captures how a number of institutions embarked on introducing blended learning into their organisations.  In addition to the case-studies the project has created an online course and a toolkit to assist organisations engage in blended learning.

Toolkit screenshotThis exciting Erasmus+ project is concluding and the final conference will be held in Belfast Met on September 19th.

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