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imageMicrosoft AutoCollage is another free tool available to teachers in Irish primary and post-primary schools. It was developed by Microsoft Research in Cambridge. It can compile a number of images into one collage using face detection and object recognition before blending images together in a seamless method. Possible uses of AutoCollage in a school setting include teachers and pupils compiling posters, displays of pupil work, storytelling projects, recording important school events, sports days, visits or trips.

To download your own free copy of AutoCollage Academic Version go to the Microsoft Partners in Learning website, sign in with your Windows Live username and password (your T-Mail account will do) and download the installation file.

Once you have downloaded and installed AutoCollage on your pc, organise the photos and images you want to use in your AutoCollage project into a folder. AutoCollage requires a minimum of 7 images and a maximum of 50 images to use in any project. Two very useful tutorials on using AutoCollage can be foumd online which will help you in getting started.

Tutorial 1

Tutorial 2

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