Amplify Student Voice with Flipgrid and make it real with Flipgrid AR


FlipgridAR? Is this magic?

AR stands for augmented reality, it allows you to position videos in the physical world in a specific place/location. With FlipgridAR, you can print out a QR code of Any Flipgrid video and view with the Flipgrid app for an amazing experience or on any QR reader.


What is the benefit of FlipgridAR in teaching and learning?

Flipgrid is amazing for promoting student voice and with Flipgrid AR you can generate QR codes that link back to your student’s responses to truly bring the magic to life.

You can print those QR codes and stick them around the room or attach them to student copies or school equipment or anywhere you can imagine.

The possibilities are endless for Flipgrid AR, but one thing is for sure whatever your use of Flipgrid AR you are guaranteed that students will be active, engaging and very inspired.



How do I create a FlipgridAR experience?

To bring your Flipgrid videos to life with AR you need to

  1. Log in to your Admin dashboard.

  2. Go to the Topic with the video you want to bring to life using the AR feature.

  3. Click Print QR Codes button, then simply print using a printer or save as PDF/Image and display on a screen.

  4. To view in AR, simply scan the FlipgridAR code with the Flipgrid app or to view normally just scan with your camera app or a QR reader.




How to get started?

Check out this guide for how to get started for educators

Follow Flipgrid on Twitter 💚💚


Want to learn more?

Check out some amazing courses on the Microsoft Educator Community like the ones below


Bring Flipgrid into your class to amplify student voice and make learning more active and student-centered! 📢📢📢💚💚💚


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