A useful free classroom tool: Scribble maps


Many teachers are already using Google maps to enhance their teaching and students learning in the primary classroom. Scribble maps is a very useful online tool that allows teachers to bring Google maps a step further in their classroom.


What is it?

Scribble maps allows you to edit and customise your own Google maps. Teachers and pupils can use the tool to draw on or label any map available from Google maps, including those of the night sky. Maps can be printed, saved, emailed or embedded on a website. It could be used in the classroom to support projects in many curriculum areas, including Geography, literacy, History, SPHE and many others.

Ideas for use in the classroom include:

  • Giving directions
  • Weather studies
  • Examining environmental issues
  • Projects on various countries/towns
  • Examining local maps
  • Examining migration trends or trade routes
  • Plot the journey of characters from stories
  • labelling  local environments
  • examining key sites during a war
  • plotting the life of an historic person
  • following the route of a river
  • examining  mountain ranges

Teachers and pupils can create customised maps easily. Try it yourself to see what you think.

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