Webwise Resources – Internet Safety Talks for Parents

The internet safety team in Webwise/PDST-TiE (Professional Development Support for Teachers – Technology in Education) have produced a set of resources for use by schools and teachers in delivering Internet Safety Talks to Parents. There are sets of resources available for both primary and post-primary schools. The resources are primarily intended for schools wishing to host internet safety evenings for their parents delivered by their own staff, thus enhancing home school links and raising awareness in the whole school community of the problems encountered by pupils in many schools through the inappropriate use of the internet, social media, cyberbullying etc. The resource pack at each level includes a Powerpoint presentation with embedded videos on key topics by leading experts in the field, script to accompany each slide and a best-practice guideline for delivering the talk. It is envisaged that the talk would take approximately one hour and that parents will be assisted in starting a conversation at home with their children on the benefits and risks that everyone needs to be aware of in using the internet.

The Webwise – Primary talk has a focus on Benefits of the Internet for Children, Talking to your child about What they do Online, Guidelines for Very Young Users, Screen Time, Dealing with Conflict around Technology Use at Home, Social Networking, Cyberbullying, Digital Footprint, Inappropriate Content, Talking to Your Child about Pornography, Online Games, YouTube, Webwise.ie/Parents, Apps Explained on Webwise, Support for Parents: NPC.ie, Start the Conversation, Lead by Example and Next Steps.

The post-primary materials have additional content of topics relevant to teenagers such as Talking to Your Child About Sexting, Video Forever, Image Sharing, Video #BEINCTRL,  Protecting Yourself: #BEINCTRL and Support for Parents: NPCPP,ie



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