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Introducing Loom

Loom is a handy piece of screen casting software that can be use from the Chrome browser, from the desktop and on your mobile device. It will record your screen and camera. You can capture content in any application on any device. Before you even think about sharing, you can edit the recording to make it fun and engaging. Then you can share the link to your recording with anyone. When they access the recording, they can watch it without needing to open an account, or register. Then they can comment on the video and use emojis and time stamped reactions to give you feedback.

Why use this approach to explain an assessment brief

How many times have you handed out an assessment brief in class and then received endless questions, queries from your class asking you to explain it all over again? Well using Loom could help you to address this. It could also help the learners to become more autonomous and take responsibility for their own learning. All crucial skills that learners need to develop. I currently lecture as associate faculty in National College of Ireland on a Level 7 award for FET educators (primarily) in Technology Enhanced Learning. My Module is titled “Assessment, Feedback and Learner Support”. I do my utmost to model a Universal Design for Learning approach in all I do. I try to come up with methods and approaches that the educators on the course can take and use themselves in their own contexts.

One of the things I have done since year 1 is to scree record myself talking through the assessment brief so the learners are clear on what is expected of them. I set up a tutorial for assessment prep ahead of the first assignment submission date. I post a recording of me talking through the assessment brief and highlighting the key areas for inclusion, linking it to the rubric. I also talk through some common errors that others in the past have made.

Before my learners come to the tutorial, they should have watched the video and they come armed with very specific questions seeking clarification on some questions they may still have. It ahs been one of the most popular “takeaways” from my module when I ask the learners for feedback, and is something they’ve begun to embed in their own teaching practices.

Sample walkthrough of a brief using Loom

Feedback on the use of Loom

How to use Loom

Loom Desktop Overview

Video giving Loom desktop overview

Getting started with Loom

Video on how to get started on Loom

Recording your first video

Video on how to record your first video
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