T-REX (Teachers’ Research Exchange)

The Teaching Council have just launched an online platform for teachers and educational researchers called T-REX. T-REX stands for Teachers’ Research Exchange. Its aim is to support teachers and education researchers to converse, collaborate and connect with Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

The video below provides some insight into what T-REX is all about.

I am particularly excited about joining the REXpert chat series for the opportunity to chat with internationally renowned educational experts. ‘The aim of REXpert Chat is to foster a community of educators who are interested in a particular area of education. REXpert Chat gives teachers, student teachers, and teacher educators in Ireland the opportunity chat with internationally renowned educational experts; to pose questions, share professional insights and discuss how the REXpert’s research relates to the Irish classroom context. REXpert Chats are online, text-based discussions, which will last approximately 40-60 minutes. A series of REXpert Chats will take place over the coming months.‘ (https://www.t-rex.ie/rexperts/)


T-REX addresses the reality of teachers translating strategies, methodologies and other practice into their classrooms alone. Providing an interactive space with access to a wider community of education professionals is somewhat of a landmark moment. I look forward to diving in and sharing my experiences in the near future. To join visit www.t-rex.ie/register.

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