Sway Your Own Way with Microsoft 365

So you want to create a presentation, but not sure how to deliver it in the best way possible? You’ve come to the right place. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with Microsoft Sway to deliver presentations to classes, and also to whole staff meetings. It really has been a very interactive and dare I say it, fun experience to try out this new tool! The tool itself looks almost like a website with the ability to scroll through the content like a website, creating a very accessible landing space for anybody accessing the content, while being visually appealing to the audience during a presentation!

The Microsoft App itself it very user friendly with helpful tips and advice along the way on how best to create your presentation. However it is the different ways of creating the finished product that really interested me. Upon arrival on the landing page for Sway, you are greeted with three options. To create a new Sway from scratch, to start from a topic, or to upload a document which is then created into a Sway presentation. The option I have particularly enjoyed is the ‘start from a document’ option. This allows you to upload a document you have already created or used, and translates it into a Sway. This has been very helpful for speaking at staff meetings, as I can upload my notes to Sway and the bones of a presentation will be created for me, and then allows for personalisation.

There are endless amount of ways to use this tool, and in the past I have used it as an assessment piece for students, where they have had to create a Sway on a particular topic. They really seem to enjoy the way the tools looks, and how it feels like they are building a website! Whichever way you decide to use it, I would really recommend having a look at it and giving it a go. Every day is a school day!

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