SELFIE for Teachers – do you know how digitally competent you are?

SELFIE for Teachers

Earlier this year I was invited to participate in a pilot programme as part of a new tool being developed by the SELFIE team. Not content with merely assisting schools in examining their use of technology for teaching and learning, the SELFIE team got to work on developing a wonderful new tool especially for us teachers.

The pilot programme saw over two hundred teachers from all over Ireland use the new SELFIE for Teachers tool to reflect on their own personal digital competencies. Afterwards each teacher received a personalised report , which not only outlined their current competencies, but provided clear guidance as to what to do next in order to improve in the ‘levelling up’ suggestions offered.

We also had a number of focus groups which saw wonderful feedback and interaction between teachers in coming to a final version of what the tool would offer.

The SELFIE for Teachers tool was officially launched just a few weeks ago and a series of webinars were held to provide teachers with information about using the tool. More information is available here:

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