Science Blast Goes Virtual in 2021

As with so many things in this new reality we find ourselves in, ESB Science Blast is moving online for 2021. Whilst going virtual is a necessity in this pandemic, organisers expect the move will increase participation among 8-12 year olds as content and resources will be more accessible and will engage your entire class with STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) interactively…If your teaching a cohort in this age category you’re probably still getting your head around being back to face-to-face learning and understandably might feel it time to batten down the hatches and try and catch-up on all the lost time. However, completing an ESB Science Blast investigation might be the perfect way to engage your entire class on their return as it is a cross-curricular stimulus whilst also building essential life skills such as collaboration and communication, skills your students have probably missed out on so much.

What is ESB’s Science Blast 2021?

Every primary school on the island of Ireland are being encouraged to think, wonder, investigate, create, design, explore and learn new skills. Working on investigations and presenting their findings to a STEM ‘judge’ helps children to develop the core skills of collaboration, creativity, communication and creative thinking. It is all about the learning journey and not the destination that counts. There is no right answer! Participation gives your class the opportunity to look around them, ask a question and work as a team to investigate a question that interests them. The judging is non-competitive. STEM ‘judges’ are looking to give positive encouragement and communicate their enthusiasm for STEM.

Why take part in ESB's Science Blast 2021
Why Take Part in ESB Science Blast?

Where to begin?

Coming up with a class question is the important first step and then Carry out a class investigation (submit by 21 May) – you’ll link you up with a judge to give your class an opportunity to present their work, receive feedback and encouragement, and get a trophy!

You could start by browsing through some past examples for ideas and inspiration to help you along the way.

Use their lesson plans – Science Blast have new lesson plans and worksheets to help you guide your class through the steps of their investigation

Watch ESB Science Blast TV (from late April) – ESB Science Blast TV will entertain curious minds, while also inspiring them with amazing STEM found in our ordinary lives

Register your class now or visit the Science Blast homepage for more information…

The Science Blast programme is developed and delivered by the RDS. It is funded by the RDSESB, Naughton Foundation, Science Foundation Ireland, Irish American Partnership, Limerick City and County Council, Devenish Nutrition, Citi, Dublin City Council, Irish Aid, Kainos, Northern Trust and supported by Mary Immaculate College, ICC Belfast, Belfast City Council, CCEA, W5, C2K, AmmA Centre and Nerve Centre.

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