Science Blast Goes Virtual Again for 2022…

As with so many events, by necessity, ESB Science Blast went virtual in 2021 and organisers are keeping this format in 2022 and it’s now time for Blast Off! Science Blast is a non-competitive programme for for senior primary classes from 3rd – 6th. It taps into students’ natural curiosity by asking them to investigate the science behind a simple question that interests and excites them, using core STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) / 21st Century skills.

Science Blast Online for 2022

Every primary school on the island of Ireland is encouraged to think, wonder, investigate, create, design, explore and learn new skills. Working on investigations and presenting their findings to a STEM ‘judge’ helps children to develop the core skills of collaboration, creativity, communication and creative thinking. It’s about the learning journey and not the destination . There is no right answer! Participation gives your class the opportunity to look around them, ask a question and work as a team to investigate a question that interests them and the judging is non-competitive.

Why take part in ESB Science Blast? screenshot
Why Science Blast

What next?

So Register your class now and submit your investigation by 18th February. In the meantime you can

The Science Blast Team will pair each class with a judge who will talk to each class virtually about their project. Judging will start the week of the 21st March, so all investigations will need to be fully completed by that point. Visit the Science Blast homepage for more information…

ESB Science Blast is a STEM promotional programme developed and delivered by the RDS. It is funded by the RDS, ESB, Naughton Foundation, Irish American Partnership, Devenish Nutrition, SteriPack, Irish Aid, Jones Engineering and Matrix.

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