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As I spend more and more time in front of a screen reading text, attending meetings, delivering classes and professional learning and development opportunities for other educators, the more difficult I am finding it to engage with my own professional learning in the way that I did pre pandemic. Pre March 2020, I loved a good online course! Sign me up for all of them! I originally did my degree by correspondence; back in the dark ages where you were posted all the lecturers notes in huge folders and assignments were handwritten and posted back in. A far cry from the online experiences that learners, and professionals, are engaging with now. I’ve never been a full-time student, so am very accustomed to reading and accessing learning materials for courses either via a learning management system, online on screen, or by reading textbooks and printed off journals. The joy of this has been eroded as the minutes, hours, days, and weeks have gone by where now EVERYTHING is online. 

I noticed that after a day working online, sitting to engage with more learning in front of a screen was resulting in 12/14 hours in front of a computer. Not sustainable. HOWEVER. I still want to learn…… enter my exploration of podcasts for my own professional learning and development. 

What is a podcast, what are they about and where do I find them? 

Basically, a podcast is an audio programme/digital file that is available on the internet, and which can be listened to and typically downloaded for listening to offnline. You can access them using a smart device, meaning they are easily accessible, portable and convenient for many. They are easy to subscribe to and listen to and there are an increasingly wide range of podcasts available to suit a wide variety of interests, everything from nanoengineering to transformational leadership; from learning about all things crochet to how forensic pathologists solve true crime. There are lots of different platforms. My biggest GoTos are Spotify, Anchor, Audible and Apple Podcasts. Generally, the Podcasts I enjoy most are about learning, inclusion, leadership, and cricket.  

Here are some of my faves on learning, inclusion and leadership! 

Brene Brown Dare to Lead. Love this! Brene is open, honest, easy to listen to and fun. Join her as she engages in “conversations with change-catalysts, culture-shifters, and more than a few troublemakers who are innovating, creating, and daring to lead”. I think we could all do with listening to a Podcast on how to make our meetings more effective. A really enjoyable on e is A Meeting Makeover with Priya Parker. Click here to access!  

Moonshots. This podcast “goes beyond the scenes of the world’s greatest superstars, thinkers and entrepreneurs to discover secrets to their success”. In this podcast, the hosts delve into the work of successful people and play clips of their podcasts/TedTalks/Vlogs and read excerpts from their books etc and then comment on them. They choose books that they then comment on and deconstruct. If you don’t have the time to read/collate all of the best pieces of work from some of the most famous and successful people, let the Moonshots hosts do it for you! I particularly like the one on Carol Dweck, exploring mindsets. Click here to access

Think UDL. This Podcast explores universal design for learning, and they chat with experts who are “designing and implementing strategies in post-secondary education with learner variability in mind”. I really enjoyed a recent episode on Teaching interculturally with Irene Theodoropoulou. Click here to access! 

Inclusion Dialogue: In this Podcast, Dr. Joanne Banks from TCD (Trinity College Dublin) converses with international experts on “how we can implement inclusive education and teach to diversity in schools around the world.” One of my favourites is her discussion with Dr. Anke DeBoer from the Netherlands. In this episode they discuss how we can best create and environment to realise the social inclusion and wellbeing of learners with special educational needs. Go to this link to access! 

Cult of Pedagogy: In this Podcast, Jennifer Gonzales explores teaching strategies, classroom environments, education reform and educational technology as well as many, many more topics. Sometimes she has guests, sometimes she goes solo. Either way, you won’t be disappointed with the many offerings you’ll find here. One of the ones you might like to start with is “Why you should bring Podcasts into your classroom”. The title speaks for itself. Click here to access! 

Want to know more?

If you want access to more links to lots of educational Podcasts, follow my Wakelet by going to this link and if you want to learn more about “How To” podcast, go to my Wakelet collection by going to this link

And just incase you also like cricket…. my fave is the No Balls Podcast. The best episode is the one with H, the England Women’s Teams’ communications Officer discussing their experience of being non-binary and coming out in the public eye. Click here to access! 

Happy Listening! 

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