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Earlier this year, a new start-up emerged with the lofty ambition of attempting to increase the internet’s educational prowess: Pindex, which describes itself as “a Pinterest for education.”

Borne out of a frustration with the gloomy, dreary material his daughter was bringing home from school, John Leaver, along with his four-person team, has created a platform that creates and curates educational videos and infographics. It is a pinboard designed for teachers and students, with the fundamental goal of making topics and content more engaging. Teachers, professors and ‘anyone with a passion’ are encouraged to share their most engaging and captivating material.

Having a quick look at the site there appears to be a focus on science and technology, such as material on gravitational waves, space physics, the periodic table, fun science experiments, robots and drones, and much more. However, at closer inspection there is also a wide variety of other useful and interesting topics available.

This includes some of the best TED talks, World War II, nutrition, and much more besides. Pindex WWII

The site is continually expanding with bloggers and YouTube educators also being invited to curate new material.

Interestingly (well, for me anyway!), Stephen Fry is part of the Pindex team. He offers ‘creative direction’ and also narrates one of the sites first videos, an account of the Large Hadron Collider, dark matter and extra dimensions. Mr. Fry intends to do voiceovers for several more videos. With his prolonged, self-imposed hiatus from social media activity, he’ll certainly have more time than he normally would to undertake this mission.

Pindex Space There is a clear and extensive guide to Pindex itself, which explains how to use the site and outlines its benefits, whether as a teacher, a student, or just someone who loves learning as much as possible online – a pursuit that, even in what Fry calls “a time when it is easy to lose faith in an online world that seems to centre around trolling, bullying, hating, trivializing and belittling,” is always rewarding.

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