Looking Back, Looking Forward

So as the school year draws to a close what were the highs and lows for ICT in learning? I think we should all take stock of what has been a disappointing year for schools wanting to improve their integration of technology into the classroom. We are all aware of the lack of funding, policy and initiative from the DES in the area. Why even the €1 million for DEIS band one schools is still in the ether somewhere and the schools have not received any information regarding their applications as yet. But within these realities we still must keep the ICT question on the agenda. There will be many new interactive whiteboards installed into schools over the summer thanks to the fund raising efforts of schools and parents. This will be great for the lucky teachers who return in the autumn to find they have this new technology. There will new opportunities for creative learning and teaching in those classrooms. But rather than read my thoughts on this what do you think? How can we address the challenges we face? Have you any suggestions or guidance to offer teachers for the next school year? Let’s get brainstorming!

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