Interacting with Maps

now many options for using online maps in the classroom.  The most useful online maps are:

Each have their own good and weak points.  Added to these, there is a growing range of tools which you can use to add to your online map use.

You can annotate Google Maps with QuikMaps This allows you to add icons, text, lines and scribbles to the Google map. You can choose from a range of map icons.  When you are done, you can save your map and publish on a blog or website.

With MapMyPage, you can add maps, photos, weather, and more to the locations mentioned on your website or blog. You only have to add a tiny piece of code to the html of a page.

Taking it a step further, MyGeoPosition allows you to geo-code a single address. There are a number of really useful facilities for geo-coding a position and you can create links to the location on Google Maps, Microsoft Live Maps and Yahoo Maps.

Don’t forget all secondary schools can now view, print and compare OSI maps and aerial photographs in the classroom through the Scoilnet Maps, developed with Ordinance Survey Ireland.

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