The new eLearning manual published by the NCTE is being distributed at seminars for primary school principals. It is, indeed a fine piece of work and is very readable and insightful. It was developed by H2 and other partners and will be an invaluable resource for schools as they address how ICT should be integrated into teaching and learning in the everyday work of the classroom. For those who would like to see the manual it is availabe at www.ncte.ie/elearningplan Schools have acquired many technologies recently and there seems to be a large number of schools buying or planning to buy interactive whiteboards. Also with the new investment from the DES to ensure classroms have a minimum specification of a teaching computer, digital projector and wireless keyboard/mouse combination, the issue of how to use this technology in education arises for every school. There are some schools that have been very active in developing their use of ICT as a teaching tool and others who may be trying to address the issue. But for all schools the manual should help them to delelop and progress a vision for eLearning.

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