Create Video Presentations With Brainshark

Brainshark  is a tool for creating and video presentations. With a few clicks you can easily create a narrated video to be shared with anybody.

Brainshark is cloud-based, so you can access and edit your presentations from any computer. You start by uploading the content you want to include. This can be powerpoints, photos, pdfs, word documents, videos and mp3 sound files. You then record a voiceover for your presentation using the microphone on your computer. Not sure what this might look like?

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You can share your presentation through email or post it on a social networking site like Facebook. It’s also easy to embed it on your website or blog, or even publish a copy of it on YouTube. Once your presentation is out in the world Brainshark lets you track who views it, when they access it and where they are.
A basic account is free and offers unlimited presentations and views. Brainshark Mobile provides apps for smartphone and tablet users that enable them to view presentations, access content and download documents on the go.
The potential for e-learning with Brainshark is very exciting. Teachers could use it to present material to students, include questions and then track which students have viewed and responded to the material. Students could create narrated videos for a variety of purposes e.g. reviewing books for your library blog or school website or presenting digital content as part of a class project. Viewers will be able to see all the great things you have happening and hear the students’ enthusiasm.
Students can also use Brainshark as a presentation tool for their own work. They can share it with you, their classmates and their families and easily include it in their e-portfolios.

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