Challenging times with an Interactive White Board

The arrival of an Interactive White Board (IWB) presents a number of interesting challenges as well as the need to re-examine your teaching methodologies. It will take a substantial amount of time for a teacher to develop his/her own bank of educational resources. After the initial settling in period and getting over the fun of changing pen colour and line width, drawing, resizing and rotating squares, rectangles and stars, the time comes when the IWB needs to begin to repay the financial investment made by the school.


Interactive White Board

Some careful use of the various drawing tools will soon see a very useful Maths Notation Board where pupils can drag and drop figures or dots to develop and reinforce their understanding of Place Value. However creating an interactive protractor on the other hand is quite challenging! So instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, a quick search on the Internet will return some very useful resources.

Onscreen protractor resource

Equivalent Fractions

Fraction and Matching Decimal Equivalents

Measuring Lines and Angles

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