Atlantic Corridor Stem Conference

Towards the end of March I had the pleasure of attending the Atlantic Corridor STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) 2012 Conference in Tullamore and was inspired by the speakers on the day. The speakers included: Carol Lynn Parente the producer of “Sesame Street”, Ward Van Duffel (managing director of Lego Education), Marc Watson, president of US firm Imagine Creative Technology and TEQ Games, ​Leena Gade (chief racing and test engineer with Audi Sports), and Fergal O’Brien, associate professor at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland​, You can check out video of the speakers at Atlantic Corridor STEM YouTube Link.

Here are some of the interesting things that I will be following up next year in my own primary school:

FIRST LEGO League is a global robotics competition that looks to inspire kids to take up STEM careers. Robotics Ireland runs the Irish version and pupils aged 9-16 years of age take part. Read more aboutabout the Irish FIRST Lego League 2012 competition at Silicon Republic​ or watch a report at Irish FIRST Lego League 2012 Video Report​​. A new theme is announced every September so get in contact with Robotics Ireland now for the next school year!


Super Grover 2.0 – Sesame Street. Sesame street have embraced the concept of STEM and have created a new su​per hero that teaches pre-school children all about mathematics and science in a fun and engaging way. During her speech Carol Lynn Parente also informed the conference that STEAM was now the new buzz word. She told us that the A stood for Arts and that teaching the STEM subjects through the Arts subjects was importance for making the STEM subjects fun for kids.


Also, as I was chatting at the conference I found out about two great sites that I now frequent:

iLearn Technology: This is great educational blog that has some amazing posts and is well worth following

Active Learning integrating ICT in literacy and numeracy​: This is great site developed by the PDST (Professional Development Service for Teachers) that shows how ICT can be used effectively in the classroom to support numeracy and literacy.

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